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Thursday, December 15, 2005

A new beginning

Since I got myself out of the cosy environment of working at Oracle, followed a month’s struggle for securing my first contract in UK. It has ended with good result, of me, working as consultant in Forestry Commission’s Development Team of their GLADE product.
Yet another event when I have to agree what my friend Vivek says, "Best things happen, when you expect them the least". The interview took place on Thursday in London and I was in FC's Edinburgh office on next Wednesday.

Edinburgh, more so the train route from Aberdeen to Edinburgh, which I daily travel, is simply superb. Most of the journey route is along the seashore. On one side, you encounter many breathtaking views of the northern sea, and on the other, lots of beautiful landscape (something like Windows XP/Vista wallpapers). Although it's a long journey (yeah... 2.5hrs one way), I never get bored.

I have got exactly same dell box but I am missing my 19" LCD from my desk at Oracle. ;)


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